BALLS Preparation


Is awesome. So awesome that I've decided to dedicate the next 4 months to training in order to maximize my experience at BALLS. Countless days and thousands of miles worth of gravels lie ahead.

However, before I can begin I knew I would have to build the perfect bike-

Now that THAT is out of the way... I plan to ride a lot.

If you are reading this and aren't planning on doing BALLS, you should change your mind. It's a party, it's a camping trip, it's a group ride, it's in Wisconsin (land of amazing bars, food, beer and singletrack), and YOU will have fun. The locals over there are great and they simply "get" it. This is the perfect combination of difficulty and fun- a dirty century that everyone can enjoy. It's guaranteed that you will have fun at this ride. You might say that you are against paying to ride your bike- you won't be... you're paying for the beautiful cabin and the shower at the end of day one. You might say you can't ride 100 miles- well, you can... there are NO hills. You might say that it sounds too easy... then ride faster (or drink more E&J- I'll have plenty). You might say that you are doing Trans-Iowa instead... good luck and have fun! I will follow your progress via the internet from my cabin, or from around the campfire.

Oh ya MN guys- Friday is Blue Mounds ride day... so assuming Blue Mounds is open, take Friday off as well and expect to ride 30+ miles of singletrack Friday to push the 3 day total over 200.


  1. drew when does registration open. im in

  2. Registration is open anytime!

    Pre-Ride Registration: If you want in, get in. Send e-mail to info@madcitydirt.org and you'll get details. It's only $25 to secure your spot and cover the lodging cost and some awesome post ride food. Paypal address is also info@madcitydirt.org so use that to reserve your spot!

    Field Size: 50
    We've only got lodging for 50 riders max. Enter EARLY!
    Entry Fee: $25 to cover lodging and all the food you eat at the campground on Saturday night.
    Start Time: Wheels rolling at 7:00am, April 30th, 2010

    Start/Finish: 302 Douglas CT, Barneveld, WI

    Friday night lodging: there is a hotel in Barneveld if you need it. Two extra beds and lots of extra floor space and grassy yard for tents are all available at the start/finish line....shoot Bear an e-mail scott@madcitydirt.org if you are interested in crashing Friday night.

  3. Correction: April 30th, 2011!!!!!

  4. you're gonna train all winter for BALLS???
    BALLS is a training session for the up coming 2011 season (Cheq 100 right on it's heels)....don't turn this thing into too much work, us old fat guys might get scared away!!
    BALLS 4 coming up sooner than ya think, see ya there.

  5. Ahhh the Cheq 100! Great time last year! I am in for Balls this year! I grew up down in southwestern Wisconsin! Can't wait to see it on the bike!