Found a new way to get out of my neighborhood yesterday. Sort of a deer path that drops down the back way to the highway. It was a bit muddy on the way to work, but totally rideable even fixed (this was, of course, going downhill).

Left work last night at 1:30. Mist. Visibility under 50 yards. Entire commute felt like there should be a headless horseman chasing me. I don't often get spooked anymore riding in the dark but it was creepy enough out that I observed the fact that I 'could' have been spooked. Was very careful crossing the freeway, then hard right through the hole in the fence and around the back of the Appliance Smart. Hit the, now frosted/frozen solid, deerpath and almost immediately hit the red line. Half way up and I was surrounded by the mist and trees and breathing so loud that I didn't hear the wind or any cracking of the wood that must have occured because a pretty good sized limb fell out of a tree right behind me...

Next time I'm on the Stairway to Heaven I'll try to remember how I felt right then.

This am I got out on the road bike with the REAL Design wheels on it. Sort of sucked because the roads were very wet from the mist that has continued to stick around, but they did what they should have done. Didn't notice any major flaws or really any major strengths. They should work for my needs.

I mounted my IRD tires up on the Zipps and put them on the Viner. If it dries out a bit I'll take it out for a gravel ride or two this weekend. Not sure if I'm going to Indiana Thanksgiving weekend to race in the Turkey Gobbler (or whatever it's called), but if I am, and i want to, this is the setup.

also, these showed up. Hoping to do some work with them to make them really fit right. I will need to take up extra volume (my feet are so low volume that this is true with ANY shoe) and also plan to do the heat molding thing with the footbeds and the uppers. Luckily I can do this using the Bauer hockey skate oven at my family's store.

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