2012 Untitled Pictures & Thoughts

We rode a lot on Sunday. Here are some pictures-

This one is off of Dave's "gopro"

There is also a video from the first part courtesy of Dave H.-

It's funny how even on a casual ride everything changes when you are "in charge" (I'm not so sure I was actually "in charge", hence the quotations). Minute route details and street crossings become something to fuss about, you worry that the pace isn't right for everyone, if you should stop in this town or not etc. etc.. All in all, I think it went great. I know I had a very good time and finished with refreshingly little left in the tank.

The Arrowhead has come and gone for most- I'm pulling for the runners and skiers yet! Looks like Buffington is having the ride, er run, of his life thus far. Most impressed with Ben Doom on the bike side, but also pleased to see Eric P. finish and on his own custom frame! Mr. Tri conquered his asthma to finish!  Congrats to all the finishers.

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