April 22nd Double Century, 8 Day XC Ski Season

Route-  I'd love to have company...  It's a good route with lots of bike paths, shouldn't be harder than the Royal.  This is two weeks before-  perfect preparation.  I'll be trying either way, bringing lights so I can take a nice lunch in LaCrosse. 

Skiing is apparently going to be over for the year here in Rochester.  Glad I got out for four of the 8 or 9 days that conditions were good on!  I'll be making at least two more trips to Wolverine Village.  You are welcome to join me March 24th/25th, hoping to get at least a few people.  We will be xc and downhill skiing weather permitting (and it should be fine up there), snowshowing/hiking, maybe even biking and bird watching.  Drop me a line if you are interested.

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