new bikes- singlespeed cannondale caffeine, sale stuff...

I've got a lot going on right now so far as bikes go.  The carbon repair stuff has been going well and has allowed me to upgrade at little or no cost to some bikes that I'm very excited to ride.  I've got a pair of Tommaso Diavolo frames like the one I raced at CIRREM, a Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er that will be my XC race bike, a Raleigh Supercourse that will make an incredible road training/TT bike.  That said, for whatever reason (perhaps, because it's the next one I'll have finished, or maybe because I bought it just to get the lefty off of it for the Flash and when it showed up it was a brand new frame with an eccentric BB and it is just cool?) I'm most excited about this-

The Reba won't be sticking around-  I just needed a fork in order to get it that close to "built" while I wait for my rigid fork to arrive.

So, on to the stuff I have for sale-

My Giant OCR frame/fork with the long reach Tektro brakes- same bike I won dirt bag on etc. $300
27.2 x 350mm Ritchey WCS seatpost with 20mm setback $35
xtr m960 front derailleur (modified for top pull only-  34.9 clamp) $30
ultegra 6600 brakes in ice grey (no pads) $70
ultegra 6600 shifters in well used but solid working condition $110
26" marzocchi fork-  travel adjust etc. etc. not sure on model $100

Lots of other junk that I'm just going to go straight to ebay with.  I mostly figured someone who follows this might be interested in a chance to buy the OCR.  I hate to part with it, but can't justify having so many bikes.  Two CX frames became a higher priority and the Diavolos are just as light as the OCR.  The truth is also that the 700x27s I plan to run for gravel racing will fit in my Look...

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  1. Nice rock ring. Gots to have one if you ride through stuff, not around it.