Dickie Scramble Prizes etc.

Thanks to Bicycle Sports- The Best Bike Shop in Rochester MN for some awesome prizes!  

As this is meant primarily as a fun group ride event and in the interest of safety the prizes will be given out in a slightly different manner.  There will be a series of 5 or so pre-determined primes, or mini races, to locations throughout the course.  The idea is that a large group will be able to ride together comfortably but the city line, hilltop, and other sprints will pay out in more than just respect.  After each mini race we will regroup and continue as a group.  Only I will know where all the primes are located and they won't be announced until they are to be contested.  There may be a DFL prize, but it's not going to be anything up there.

Of course, that will leave a few "extras" to be given away for other things...  Expect to have fun.

Again- we are meeting at the far south trailhead of the Douglas Trail in Rochester around 9:45 for a 10 am start.  Ride what you got-  it's going to be gravel/pavement/trail, anything goes.

I can be reached at 612-730-0775 if you need any help finding it or whatever else. 


  1. Looking forward to the ride. Thanks for organizing!

    Can you define "DFL" for me? Am I going to need to bring some kind of proof of political affiliation to this ride?

  2. Dead F'ing Last

    That said- please bring your NRA and Republican Party affiliation materials in case we need to talk down those guys who wanted to shoot Al again...