epic is a state of mind... first descents and river crossings, was this a triathlon?

Love this road, just outside of Elgin
MMR I'd never seen before, nothing but climb
This is not a road but my 25c 4 season contis were grooving
and then I realized I was atop Mt. Krumpit and the trail just went straight down...
Had to toss the bike down first then jump.  I'm sure this was a "first ever" bike descent
Sand from shoes
no clue
more MMR
This MMR was nuts...  rocks, sand, mud and on 25s
worth it for views like this
I'm really glad there was no evidence of anyone living in there
That MMR turned out to be a dead end...  to continue meant THIS
then this...


  1. That sir is an adventure! Puts my ride to shame.

  2. i could use a good adventure soon. just sayin.....