This and the first couple were taken by my Dad
First lap up Stairway
Eventual OVERALL 6 hr winner Larry!
2nd place 6 hr finisher-  love the string of dudes down the trail
really no caption needed
there is soooo much singletrack in the loop here, hard to capture the feel.  Although I wish we hadn't skipped a couple of the better sections!  I rode again Monday after the race and the techy stuff we skipped is just great.

#1 fatbike!
It's Mr. Farrow

This could have been awesome without the haze in the air
great turnout for camping
looking to Wisconsin

A couple from the rest of the weekend-

 Wilder house

 awesome bike share program...  eh?
heading up to ride Monday am.  The trails are in GREAT shape after the race.

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