Moonlight Kingdom Criterium, Chequamegon trip update

At one point last year we talked about having a crit here in Rochester.  It's a fun idea, but one that I doubt will ever come to successful fruition.  The turnout to "out state" races here in MN is pretty sad and probably more importantly there just aren't enough people here involved enough to really have a team that would want to put on such an event.  All that said I can't help but to think about where we might race or what course would be fun or would suit me well etc. etc..

A few weeks ago a little section at Petsmart caught my eye and I started thinking.  The section could be connected to a loop that was about the right length and would have a nice mix of turns and a long open straight.  Of course it couldn't be ridden during the day with all the traffic, but why not at night?  Might there be enough light from all the businesses and the car dealer that it would be easy to see?  Last Monday I went down there on my Beach Cruiser and made a few laps around midnight.  The light was great and the route seemed appropriate.  I had my Banjo Brothers bag on, the 140 spoke wheels, coaster brake, cruiser pedals etc., but still found myelf pushing the pace and enjoying myself.  I didn't see any cars, this was cool.

Last night I suited up in La Vie Claire and went down there for 16 laps right around midnight.  Click on the image for more information.

It was awesome!  The course is tricky enough to keep things interesting-  particularly through that slightly downhill hairpin and then coming out of the final turn into the short sprint to the line.  This was the opposite of boring road training, it was everything I like about riding bikes.

My crit season is over, last Saturday was almost certainly my last crit until 2013.  I may not do this again until next year but I'll definitely smile every time I have to go grocery shopping until then.

So far as the Chequamegon/Ironwood trip goes...

Things came together such that I scrounged up that Salsa frame bag (that just happens to fit perfectly too) and can now definitely fit everything I need on the best bike for the route.   I've got maps and tentative routes made up too, should be great!


  1. I have always wanted to promote a parking garage crit

  2. I agree- could be really neat. We have done very informal races in the one I park my bike in front of downtown here.