Copper Harbor 2013- stuck on the Pugnago?

That was how I felt at first when I got up there.  Stupid crank issue on the Flash Carbon meant I was stuck on the fatbike...  didn't take much riding before I changed that mindset.  Pulled the Marge Lites/Husker Du combo off of Kim's 9 zero 7 instead of my wider/heavier rims.  Didn't take long before I forgot I was on a 'fat' bike and was simply enjoying myself.  Riding the Red Trail and The Flow at speed on that bike was incredibly fun.  I've always been confident in my carbon construction process etc., but when you are heading down the Red Trail at 28 mph over it makes things real.

Sorry, for the total lack of pictures from most of the good parts of the trails, no stopping...  pictures lean heavily towards places it seems natural to stop!

After I managed to fix the 'good' bike I was almost reluctant to take it up for a ride due to all the fun I'd been having on the Pugnago.  When I hit the bottom of Stairway to Heaven on the 16 lb SS it felt pretty natural though too. !

Can't really see not owning both.  Now I just need a full squish enduro type thing...

More pictures later as well from this trip and some other news.

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