Weekend to the Keweenaw: Adventure Mine and "The Beach in Gay"

Adventure Mine trails are techy!  We both struggled with the wet roots, rocks and steep climbs.  I haven't felt that out of place on a mountain bike for years.  Would be a really fun place to ride if it were a little less wet and also probably with gears (I was riding 40x18 which is just not ideal there).  Here is Kim on a really fun descent from the mountain top above the mine.

After this ride I realized that my crank on the Flash Carbon was moving in the spindle and my chainring was sometimes contacting the stay...  wtf.  Tried to get this fixed at the shop in Houghton but to no avail.  Eventually I sorted it out with parts from my own tool box and was able to ride Copper Harbor on that bike.

After lunch we headed north of Houghton to the town of Gay.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our ride there...

Pretty much fatbike paradise.  There should be some sort of group ride/race/party/camping trip out there.  If it were any closer to my house I would make it happen.

Next up is Copper Harbor, back to work for now...

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