diy fatbike rack

Posting this quick... it's not a new idea but this aluminum cargo rack is on sale at Menards right now and maybe someone else wants to build one while that is going on too.

Those fork mounts need different skewers, but once I run to the hardware store and get what I need it will run 100 and 135mm spacing forks just fine.  They bolt right to the rack with $5 in bolts.  I happen to have a couple extra ones that I'd pass on for some beer....  Let me know.

Wonder how it will fit with 29XXX tires?

Edit-  added shot of the roof rack as well.  Will get a close up of the very DIY 'foot' setup used to mount to the factory rails.


  1. I like this idea, you think there'd be enough room to squeeze 3 Fatties on the platform?
    We're other sizes on sale?
    Closet Menard's is Duluth for me.

  2. Funny, this was my plan when I bought that rack last fall. I just need to get my fork mounts bolted on. What are your plans for securing the rears? Are you just going to bungee it down or make some type of permanent mount?

  3. I'm just going to use a bungee or a small strap- I plan to use this for a variety of types bikes (although it is primarily a fatbike rack- regular bikes can go on roof or inside usually), no logical way to make it happen for them all.

    You might be able to squeeze 3 on there- it would require bikes with significantly different sizes so that the bars wouldn't hit each other.

    I managed to custom mount the vintage cross bars that I got with the fork mounts onto my roof today and threw two Thule trays up there as well. I think 4 bikes outside of the Sequoia is plenty. This rack will be even more helpful behind the mazda 3 hatch.