"new" drivetrain tech: wide range cassette 1x "XX1 style" vs. electronic

I guess these are the two biggest recent drivetrain innovations.  I have both-  my thoughts...

My wide range cassette bike build is my new fatbike with a shimano 11-36 cassette converted to 11-42 with a WC Giant Cog.  I'm running SRAM X9 type 2 derailleur and X0 grip shift (which I also run with a more traditional double on my 'race' 29er).  The quality of the shifting is great.  It doesn't care if it gets muddy or covered in snow.  The wide range does provide me with enough of a range with a 34t front ring to do most any type of offroad riding.  I am not tempted to convert my 2x10 race bike to the same type of setup, not even in the least.  For mountain bike racing at any level or distance I would prefer a double.  The XX front derailleur on my 29er shifts very well and it is so effective to dump "many" gears with just one shift.  I also do use a wider range than 1x10 or 1x11 currently offers on a fairly consistent basis. The weight savings from the 1x are nice, but not worth what you lose.

My electronic setups are 10 speed shimano ultegra on my road bike and my 'gravel' CX bike.  I don't think I'll ever be able to go fully back to cable actuated shifting.  I want electronic on my mountain bike, my fatbike and my beach cruiser if it had gears.  Riding up to the base of a hill and essentially simultaneously shifting the front down and the rear three to the right without even thinking is basically sublime.

The electronic I'm running is also surprisingly cheap.  I was able to put together add-on kits (using my existing cranksets and brakes) for just about $650 a bike.  

The currently available wide range stuff is incredibly expensive.

As soon as I figure out a reasonably priced way to get long cages on electronic rear derailleurs I will be hacking together a mountain bike kit with custom push button shifters.  I have been dreaming about electronic shifting.

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