The Great Pasty Chase

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Three days of adventure out of Wolverine Village.  The best rides of my life have been up here and it is time to share.

The final routes are not now finalized.  Expect to spend Saturday 'out' on our bikes, making our own dinner and sleeping arrangements along the route.  Expect to ride 130-180 miles Saturday and Sunday.  We will return to Wolverine on Sunday evening and go out for dinner in Ironwood.  Monday will be a day for packrafting, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and exploring.

Overall-  the vibe will be one of hanging out and exploring.  We will pool our resources and skills, dirtbag style.

Here are a few images to get you started on what this will be about.

You can email me if you want or get ahold of me on facebook

For extra credit you might want to look through my old blogs at rideonpurpose.blogspot.com with regards to riding in this area ("gorge", "epic", "wolverine village").

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