blufflands epic enduro race

well- This is the 2nd time around after the original date was rained out. I've gone through 3 potential partners who have had to back out for various reasons between the two dates. I have spent too much time on two Friday nights preparing food and drink for the race. At this point I'm going and I'm going no matter what. If it's cancelled due to rain or armeggedon or whatever else I will be riding 8 hrs or so of gravel. I will not be stopped from riding until I can't ride anymore on 10/17/09.

I also snapped a couple pictures of the Homegrown I just built up for for mom-

Mom's bike-

2000 Homegrown

Tange rigid steel fork (for now)

XT hubs/mavic wheels/blue nips

Tiagra STIs

Deore LX crankset (1x9 with 32t)

Deore XT rear derailleur

she will be adding her own pedals (105s?), saddle and center pull brakes

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