something positive

Been icing both knees after each ride and doing my pt exercises etc. which has allowed me to get quite a bit of training in the last few days. Right knee (the not really injured one) seems to be responded well to that and isn't getting as painful.

Have appointment Wednesday for a 2nd opinion and more information about the chondromalacia (the proper term for my actual injury). Will post details after that.

I know enough at this point about it that I know I can start training and that I will more or less be "ok". I've been going at it relatively hard now the last few days. Feeling fresh and motivated...

last week-

mon- rested and rode Jamis for extended commute

Tues- left work early after bad news with the knee. 2 hrs on the trainer. fairly even effort with a few run ups to harder effort and back down. 120min at 6.5 effort.

wed- had pt appointment. mowed lawn etc.. monocog commute.

thurs- 90m at 7 on trainer. picked laura up at airport. 75m at 7 on trainer after work. no commute (went in late)

friday- 60m at 4 on trainer (just spin and then ice knee- cycle seems to help the rt one). 60m at 7 on trainer after work

sat- 60m at 5 (salsa needed tuning- went home and worked it out), 120m at 6 on trainer watching gophers- commercials=sprints, 60m at 8 on monocog just before dark. lots of stretching and pt stuff

sun- 55 miles in 195m at 7.5ish on monocog. rode end section of Almanzo course. Felt very strong.

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