ooh- forgot the most important one

of course- I also have the bike that got me started. It's not my first bike, but it is definitely the first adult sized bike I ever had and it was my only mountain bike for the first 12 years I had it. Thanks mom and dad! I'll be keeping it forever-

'96 Marin Pine Mountain

well, it's set-up for being used on the trainer right now. It's a SICK build featuring a random mixture of stock parts and things I've taken off of other bikes. It's currently sort of SS (but has a derailleur mounted that can be adjusted with an allen key to switch from 13t-21t cogs to compliment the 42t chainring up front. The 42-13 gearing is necessary to get enough resistance on my ghetto trainer. The white industries crankset is sort of cool and the frame is wonderful. I'll be getting out onto the trails next summer for sure. If I enter any SS races this will probably be the ticket.

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