I ride on purpose

to inspire others to do the same

to have fun

to get faster

as therapy

to see the world differently

to remember (and forget)

because I can

to prove I can

not because I don't have a car

I've been commuting by bike for a few years now. Going back for years and years I had always enjoyed riding, but mostly had only rode offroad and only for crosstraining for other sports. 20 months ago I purchased a nice road bike used (2003 s-works) and told myself I was going to use it. 14 months ago nothing had happened- I was out of shape, 190 lbs and feeling unsure of who I was. I had always identified as an "athlete" but it had been years since I had actually been competitive in anything. I was unhappy and trying to compensate by partying etc.. I felt stuck in Rochester because of my job and the economy and couldn't think of anything worthwhile to do here. Last August a mutual friend introduced me to some guys who said they had a mountain bike trail locally... I went the next weekend and got my ass kicked, had fun and realized that I had found something I could do in Rochester.

"Ride on purpose" to me means that I'm riding because it's my way "out". I am purposely doing it because it's a way to make Rochester seem more hospitable. We may lack mountains, real rivers, much wildlife (other than geese), "cool" people, a soul, good restaurants and so on- but through riding my bike I can make the most of what is here. If I ride my bike hard enough (on purpose) it can not only take me away from here, both literally for races/rides and figuratively, but it can also change what's here. Through riding I have realized there are more great people here and more fun things going on than I ever knew- huge thanks to all of you. I have also come to see the beauty that does exist in the area.

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