follow the rabbit

Co-workers invited me to the bar tonight after work 'cuz we were getting out early at 12:30. Who am I to say no to hitting the bar with 5 or 6 girls (I don't really have any male co-workers these days... as they seem to go to day shift, or go bonkers and quit which is another story). Of course they were planning to hit up Boomers, which for some idiotic reason is the bar of choice for after work gatherings despite being about as far from work as possible in our city.

The trip there was uneventful. It took about 35 minutes of hard riding. The rain wasn't so bad and the temperature was liveable. We had a couple beers and talked etc., before I knew it 2:10!

The trip home was going to be at least an hr of riding in the pouring rain alone. I felt like the prince of Rochester, as if I owned the surreal roads I cruised. I rode the hills that were the last section of Sunday's group ride, the parking lot where Laura and I meet for Lunch when she is at the NW clinic, the road I take to get to the Douglas Trail, the cut to the mall, the path to the ball field and finally under 52 along the short section of freeway and up the hill to home. Every second hammering, absurdly pushing despite the rain. I felt like I had something to chase...

When I reached my driveway there was a rabbit. He was dead centered and staring right at me. In my light he looked white. I considered following, but realized I'd been following him all along.


  1. LOL!!
    Great post man! I often chase that rabbit also, have yet to catch him, and that's a good thing!
    Peace, Joboo

  2. in lieu of a "hondo", the rabbit is the best I've got down here.

  3. no shortage of gravel to pound out a hundo here in the northern part of the state.
    as soon as things dry out somewhat, i'll start. looks like another month or two:(
    good thing we have the iron ore dumps to ride on, which dry out a lot faster than anything i've ever seen, anywhere.

    Peace, Joboo