magicshine 2300- thanks Laura!

The girlfriend got me this-


Couldn't be happier with each of 'em thus far.

Strapped the 900 to my helmet and the 1400 to my bars and decided to go for a 5 or 6 mile loop around my house in order to get out away from streetlights.

I love the ease of installation and use, the output is incredible and everything seems great thus far. Once out of the city lights I tested the dimmer settings and realized that the 900 puts out a TON of light on it's lowest setting- more than enough for a headlamp in any non-technical singletrack situation (where in my opinion the more light the better, no matter what). The 1400 puts out enough light for gravel at about "half" (it's infinitely dimmable) output of just the two smaller LEDs. The main light of the 1400 is straight up ridiculous on full power- with that fired up and the 900 on high it's almost like daylight. You have to be careful not to blind yourself with the reflections you get back from street signs.

Time will tell how long the batteries last at different settings- I'm guessing I will have a ton of battery life at gravel road level outputs between the two batteries. Looking forward to not ever having to really find out.

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