a week of commuting

Well, it's March! To me that means it is time to shave the beard, suck it up and start commuting every day by bike.

So far so good, as I made the trip all 5 days this week on the monocog (fixocog?) with no issues. I was quite tempted Wednesday evening to drive the Mini Cooper S in to work because I didn't have to go in until Laura had already come home... but I decided that 30+ mpg is not justification to drive. $ isn't my motivation anyways. It has been inconvenient to have to change clothes at work, but I'm actually sort of kicking myself for not starting earlier. The temperatures have been such that just my fox dh pants over boxers and a rain jacket over a t-shirt has been plenty... probably could have easily been comfortable weeks ago.

I stretched my commute out a little extra every day but Thursday. Total was 130 miles thus far this week... vs. the 13 miles by 5 days that was really necessary. Total as 2.25 hrs monday, 1.5 Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 1 Thursday and 2 Friday. If you were to bother to do the math the average pace wasn't all that fast.

People in town have started talking about the start of the "bike season" and it sounds like there may be a couple of good group ride options (on road) tomorrow. I will likely try to get out at about 10:30 or 11 and ride until close to dark. Not sure which bike yet.

Some crazy stuff has been happening with the Almanzo (and gravel races in general)! Can't believe all the interest. Some think it will die off, but I think it's a real niche that no one had realized or filled.

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  1. I don't know, I think there is a surge in gravel races right now, and that there will be a peak and a then a dip. The real question I have is weather free grassroots races will thrive or fall away. They are a lot of work to put on, and the costs can be huge when the amount of riders go up.

    On the other hand I think it's great that other riders see what is going on and decide that they too can do the same in putting on a race. A bicycle race doesn't have to be a sanctioned event. You can race and not chase the cat-upgrade. Just go out and have fun.