waiting on the gravel bike to get done

waiting on other junk

ordered light setup and picked up a new crankset for the mamasita- will move raceface down to the monocog?


  1. Which light set up? I'm in the market for a cheap crankset/BB.


  2. magicshine 2300- from geomangear.com It's the 900 like has been around for a while plus their new setup, I got an extra battery too.

    I've also gone and ordered a new GPS and some other things- getting excited for a lot of these races!

    How cheap? I've got the stock redline one and this raceface now and I'm going to keep one of them. I'd need a new bottom bracket fairly soon if I keep the redline one, so I'd have to sell the raceface (2008 deus xc with a brand new steel bolt- so no bolt issues like I had in the past)for at least $70ish slightly depending on if I were selling chainrings with it.