The Almanzo or Royal is coming up fast

At this point I suppose we are all as ready as we will be.  Just need to navigate through the next few days without doing anything that prevent showing up to the line the fitness already there. 

I've not done any Royal preparation since that 200 mile ride a few weeks back and truthfully haven't really gone on more than one or two long rides since well before the Ragnarok.  Last year I think one of the major things I learned was that lots of long rides aren't as effective training wise as hard rides.  I hope that continues to work for me.  It feels weird to always be focusing on what's next before finishing what is already happening, but I don't know how else to try to compete in all the things I have planned this spring.   Trying to find a path where road, crits, mtb, gravel etc. all support each other, and why shouldn't they?  It also makes it real tough to get burnt out or bored.  I've been feeling fresh and eager for virtually every ride all year.

This weekend I'm heading back to Des Moines with Fred Mills (I've heard Krawczyk and a few others are also going) to participate in a circuit race and what is supposed to be a very challenging/hilly/technical crit course.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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