fixed, fixed?, scattered showers=opus again

Made it over to Milltown Cycles today and got my trainer/backup 29er wheel back in order.  Ben was able to rebuild my existing DT rim with an X9 hub perfectly true etc..

It is most certainly fixed!  Should provide exactly the kind of durability that I need for my "everyday" use rear wheel.

That's the current status of the motor swap.  All the extras have been removed from the motor in the car and it's nearing the point of being ready to come out.  I ordered a bunch of parts/gaskets that haven't yet arrived and then both motors will sit side by side for a while for parts to be swapped to the new one.  This is the fixed?

The weather has been crap for mountain biking.  I wound up coming back to Rochester for the last two days since there was really no where to ride after the deluge.  I've been trying to use the time to catch up on things around the house etc.., but now it's back to work tomorrow and I feel like I've hardly done anything!  Only 3 more dayshifts for me though-  next week will have a totally different feel.

I wound up on the Monday night Bicycle Sport's/RASC group ride yesterday, but dropped out about half way through as the pace was higher than what I really needed.  It has been a toss up between joining the ride or riding the fatbike and I probably just should have gone and screwed around on the fatbike.  In the end I wound up 25 miles from home, alone, with no desire to shift out of the small ring...  not the most fun ride.  The only positive was spending some time on my Royal 162 bike.

Today the weather was spotty with lots of scattered showers...  again, offroad was pretty much out.  Decided I may as well head to Opus again as I needed my wheel rebuilt, needed to pick up a frame to repair etc. etc. which could be done on the way.  Well, I guess it's a bit of a stretch to call it "on the way" but still...

Plan for Opus was to work as hard as I could and try to push it on every prime lap.  Legs weren't really having it, but I kept at it and felt like I was getting the workout I wanted.  I was tired enough to not contest the 3rd to last lap prime at all!  At that point I was wondering if my day was more or less done.  Then a group of 7-10? got off the front with two full laps to go and I could tell that was going to be "the race".  The adrenaline kicked in and I gave solo chase, surprised myself by bridging the gap without pulling the whole group up and then surprised myself again by hanging onto that group for 1.5 laps and beating all but 3? of the guys in that group.  It's just a training ride, but I felt good about it!  Feel like I'm beginning to get to know more people and have a few friends in that scene too which definitely makes it more fun.  Too bad next week I'll be working, but I probably wouldn't ride anyways due to the Royal.

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