C43 swap to 5.0 litre update/shopping for new clothes, size small?

On the flatbed over to Adam and Kala's house.

The biggest part of the puzzle should be dropped off on a pallet over there tomorrow...  a 5.0 litre "500" motor from a newer S class.  Add in my existing Eaton supercharger, the intercooler setup etc. and it will be faster than it needs to be.  I will still need to look it over with Adam sometime soon and order up a bunch of gaskets and such.  Come next month I'll definitely be getting to the races faster than I ride!

I skipped a local TT to deal with getting the car over there but the bonus was that left the rest of the night open to hang out with Laura.  Decided it would be a good time to use my Macy's employee discount combined with some coupons they had just mailed me to get some clothes that actually fit.  Seems even my old shirts are too big these days.  Scary that at 5'11" 165 I'm buying size small shirts and the smallest dress pants/jeans they have in stock...  what does that say about America?  Regardless, you always hear that cliche conversation when women buy new clothes after losing weight;  good excuse to go shopping, time to buy "skinny" clothes etc. etc..  I sort of wanted to be excited but really I was just glad things were heavily discounted, for someone who used to work selling clothes I hate those stores now.

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