20.6 lb Monstercross Packrafting Adventure Bike... cannondale flash carbon mountain touring bike drop-bar build

Immediate impressions: 1.  best fit of any bike I've built right "out of the box" (or basement as it were).  Maybe I'm getting better at knowing what I want.  2.  Plush and fast.

I'm more and more drawn to two totally different things...  on one hand it's crits and cyclocross and on the other it's long touring rides over any and all available terrain and surfaces.  After a few such rides this year I was itching to build up an awesome bike in order to tackle some really big plans. Basically took what I learned from my slow Vaya and from this 'epic' trip and made it happen with parts I already had laying around.

Build highlights-

2010 Flash Carbon frame with 3/4 of the stays repaired (1 by Calfee previous to it coming into my posession)- 1020g with some bearings in it if I remember and awesome!  This is a medium which is 1/2 size small for me and happens to fit real nice with drop bars-  I will be racing XC on a 2012 in size Large.

Taiwan carbon fork (497g with steerer cut)-  this is a great fork, I rode it all year on my Caffeine offroad and absolutely think it is as good as anything out there.

Older Zipp 404s to DT240 hubs-  word is these have completed the tour divide on someone elses bike...  I pulled a spoke out in a sprint a couple years back and repaired them.  5000 hard miles later they are still going great.

Salsa Woodchippers-  what else would you use for this?

BB7s/Tektro levers-  again, what else would you use?  Full length housings.

3x9 mixed bag drivetrain-  full length cable housings and bar-end shifters make for easy SS conversion I envision being ideal for most packrafting excursions and an 18? lb bike.  Everything is durable and simple anyways and provides a great range of gears for singletrack to road use.

Not in these images are my Revelate Viscacha, Revelate frame bag (built for ???  but fits perfect), gas tank, aero bars etc. which will all surely often be on here.   Also, my packraft!  More on that coming soon.

Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. very cool. thanks for the description. I wish there were more light-weight touring bike options