Dickie Scramble Registration is Open/Finally went for some bike rides: Fat weekend

Up bright and early Saturday for a 3 or maybe 6 or maybe ??? hour tour with some LCR types.  Was an awesome good time.  Great route with a bit of everything thrown in.  Hauled ass when I wanted to on twisty snomo trails but got exposed on the super techy.  I'm years of experience behind when it comes to true singletrack.  Almost be worth driving to the cities a few times to take in some more of it.  Maybe I'll try to race Hillside this weekend.

Not up so early Sunday for a long cruise of Rochester...  hit the "not a bike shop", rode some snomo trails right in town, took in a bunch of football.

So far as the Dickie Scramble...  I received the first postcard entry today.

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