Fatbike ride, Minnesota State, Wisconsin State and Midwest Championships CX weekends

I'm going to stick mostly to pictures...


Day 1 (the actual state championship)...  came out sick, simple as that.  Felt like hell and hung in there but dropped.

Day 2...  better, but not great.  Still had a lot of fun and pushed it hard.  Finished 6th in the "senior age category State Championship" (23-34 age group)

Took it relatively easy during the week, but did ride 4 or 5 hours on the fatbike and one short CX skills practice type ride.

As unbelievable as fatbikes are (and that's still pretty debatable in my mind...) being a dog would be incredibly better.  He showed me what was up all week...  We went on one 8 mile or so ride on ATV trails with a dozen or so creek crossings and lots of hills.  As I struggled to just stay upright and maintain 5-6 mph her danced up and down the ridges alongside the trail and swam in the 33 degree water.

Madison this weekend-

Again I came out terrible on Saturday.  I finished, but it was hell!  I was 22nd in the Wisconsin State race that day and almost last.

Today it snowed...  I love snow.   It was a mess and right from the start I felt better and knew the conditions would help me.  I wound up 8th and I think it was likely my best CX race yet!  Almost makes me want to shell out the cash for nationals, but I can't quite justify it on a few different levels.

My next plan is to rest and go back to base miles...  maybe try to defend my title at Triple D...

Also, the photos are a mix of my own and Kim's  if you like them they are probably her's.


  1. Drew weren't you chasing me for the last two laps? A lot of people were cheering for you behind me. Could you contact me so the results can be fixed. jimboyvw@gmail.com Jim Cochran

  2. no? Not Sunday? My family all was watching too and had me finishing where I did.

  3. I also know absolutely where I finished relative to Reyes and Vrambout (although I don't know the other guy who snuck in between him and I). I'm not sure who was chasing you.

  4. Did any of the 35+ guys catch you? It weird because every one was cheering come on Drew for the guy chasing me. Even my girl friend was there and heard it. I guess we must have been mistaken.

  5. Only the 35+ winner caught me. On the 2nd to last lap I passed him aggressively at the top of the run-up and he pointed out we were in different fields... I felt bad and pulled him a bit but then he rode away when I couldn't get clipped back in. He was wearing black and red I believe.

  6. Cool. Good race! see you maybe at nationals! I'll be in the old man race there.

  7. I'm done for the year- my next set of plans all revolve around trying to find time to rest then base miles. Good luck! I wish I could be everywhere.

  8. I think there was another person at the race named Drew (or Andrew maybe?) - I remember hearing other people cheering for a Drew besides us, and they weren't cheering for you.

  9. Andy Hoenisch would have been close and is from Madison too?