snowmageddon or whatever

I wanted to be cool like Larry and cooler than Matt (or something like that) so I hopped on my fatbike and headed to Eastwood to get first tracks before Matt could get out of work.

I fell a lot.

Although, I did make this one on my second try...

but honestly, the rest of the time I pretty much fell over.

The frozen ground was very slippery under the fresh snow and a lot of what I rode was too deep for me to do real well-  I actually sometimes found myself wondering if the 720 wouldn't have worked better due to finding a solid bottom to the fresh snow..  I suck and I should have stuck to the parts of Eastwood that are both flat and protected from the wind.  I did ride one such part twice and found it was a lot easier the second time...  hopefully a few others get out there as well, it will be good.

Eventually, I rode some other places and went home where my, apparently wounded, tire slowly deflated while Dickie did what he could to save it (or maybe just ate the snow as it dripped onto my living room floor).

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  1. It's alot like wrestling (the legit type). You get taken down, but will you get back up... That is the questin.

    Note- I've never been called 'cool' befor. You must have your cables crossed or something down there in Iowa.