Dickie the Dog: rescued Border Collie mix

Dickie has been on here before.  He even has a ride named after him.  He had a fun day today running through Carley State Park.  I have a lot of respect for the way Dickie plays.  He absolutely drills it as hard as he can until he cannot and it's hours before he cannot.

We are unsure of the date or if there will be a Dickie Scramble this year.  There may be too much else going on and the rapidly expanding number of fatbike events in the area make it seem less important.  I'm sure we'll find a day to ride with friends and drink a few beers though!


  1. Dickie see you at Triple D
    Pitty Gie

  2. He is the spittin' mirror image of my Lily Grrrll. She plays hard too and loves to run next to the bike.

    We gonna see you at Triple D?

  3. We plan on coming down- me riding and two runners... better get our registration in, eh?