Wisconsin CX at Cam-Rock and Ripon Cookie Cross

 I raced a couple times Saturday.  Only photos are of the singlespeed race.  I got the holeshot pretty solid and then my friend Mike Curtes managed to bridge up about half way through the 1st of just 3 laps (long laps).

I pulled the rest of lap 1 and let him pull most of lap 2.  There was a large group of 5-6 back there but we were steadily pulling away and I figured it was going to be a race between the two of us.
 By the way, Mike has a pretty incredible SSCX bike!
 At the beginning of the third lap Mike and I were still together but I heard his girlfriend yelling that "Mark was catching us".  Now I didn't know Mark from Adam, but something about the way she was yelling it made it sound like it was time for me to try to get the hell out of there.  I absolutely pinned it for the first third of the lap and basically prayed it would be enough to drop them both.  However, we turned into the wind in the field and they were both right there!  I was thankful I had the legs to grab Mark's wheel!
 He spun like a mad-man on the back stretch and broke me before we even got near the finish!  Strong, strong dude!

We immediately got out of there to get food during the 3 hour gap between races.  However, despite ordering at 12:05 I still had no food at 1:16.  When the food did come out I decided it was too close to the 2:45 start and I just ate a couple of gu packs.  I started well in the Elite race but slowly faded throughout.  The only strong part for me was the technical log section into tight corners.  Without that section I would have probably wound up last!  It hurt/sucked to not be able to even hold wheels on pavement.  I'll be sleeping more, eating better, not racing prior to my upcoming goal races.

Sunday found me at Ripon College

 Those images are all you get...  I went down very hard on lap 1.  On pavement.

And what is this?

Images courtesy of Kim

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