REI Brand Merino Wool at Dunham's?

A few months ago Karlene and I dropped into Dunham's to look for socks for her size "s" women's feet.  She had a long backpacking trip planned and wanted to upgrade.  They didn't have ANY but I found some merino wool socks in the bottom of a huge bin for just $3.99.  I've bought 4 pairs and I've been wearing one of the pairs at least 2-3 days a week ever since.  Wool is awesome but I won't go into details, that's not the point of this post...

This past weekend I found myself near the same Dunham's and I thought I'd run in and see if they had any more of those great, cheap socks.  Here is what I found-

Well, almost.  What I actually found were a few pairs of the same high quality merino wool socks that I'd been looking for in "Ballston" branded packaging.  The packaging also stated that they had cosmetic but not material defects.  However, when I got them home it was pretty obvious the iron-on Ballston patch was maybe covering something up.


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