Pugnago carbon fatbike update

If you are seeing it for the first time-  this is a mostly carbon fiber frameset created in my basement.  The stays/BB are from a broken Surly Pugsley, the headtube is from an El Mariachi, the fork lowers/dropouts are White Bros., the steerer tube is Look HSC5, and the carbon tubes in the main triangle are from a Colnago C40.

Build kit is relatively straight forward otherwise-  Chose friction shifting 10 speed due to personal preference.

Paint was Kim with the hand lettering/bats.  None of these images show the retro-reflective clear...  this thing lights up very brightly under flash or headlights.  More pictures to come showing that.

Here is is-


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  2. That bike is awesome, love the paint job too, Nice work

  3. thanks!

    And already having to consider carefully choosing between cross nats and triple D... Arrowhead is off the table completely unless I can get a lot of free gear between now and then.

  4. Very nice job on this project! One question I have: final weight!? I have in mind building a carbon fatbike next year believing that I could have a final product under 25 pounds? (my goal is to use the lefty fork).

  5. It could easily be light- however, with my construction method and the steel that there is on this frame it isn't particularly light. My total weight is 31 lbs or about 29 with marge lite wheels/husker du tires. This was more of a test of the concept than a weight thing. I am considering another bike in the future... lighter and with drop bars.