veloCX and midwest singlespeed cx championship

First weekend as a cat 2.  60 minutes of SS championship Saturday.  The modified 1996 Pine Mountain was feeling good, but my legs were not.  Got off to a wicked poor start and had to work my way up from the middle teens over the first two laps.  Eventually finding myself chasing a strong 3 man chase group (with Owen Thoele alone off the front of it).  I would close the gap and then get distanced on the fast sections, close it in the corners, gapped in fast section.  Eventually Casper and Koeneman caught up to me (they were always close) and we worked a bit, but then I got tired and spit out the back.  Was very happy to finish 7th! Might have been faster with one fewer teeth in the rear, might not...  next time I do think I'll gear harder though, sucks to get beat on the straightaway sections.

Elite race today.  Lost on the way to the velodrome, all out of sorts due to crap going on in life.  Got settled down, good start.  Found myself at lead of first chase group behind a bunch of guys I definitely didn't expect to beat.  about 1/3 of way through I fell on an easy corner but went right down onto a previously injured spot.   I've been babying this injury for the last 6-8 weeks now and basically right away knew the right thing to do was going to be to pull the plug on the race and live to fight another day.

Next weekend I think I plan to race two days of CX in the Wisconsin series/collegiate races that are going on over there.  Hoping I can put in hard efforts Tuesday and Wednesday morning as well.  I bet Jinglecross will be here before I know it!  Probably want to rest all of next week until that...  hoping the leg feels better so that it isn't even on the back of my mind.

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