2013 Goals

1.  commute via bike 85% of all days.

I've fluctuated between 65% and 80% the last few years.  I now live much closer to work so it isn't as 'difficult' and my schedule has somewhat stabilized.  The action to take here is straight forward...  get on my damn bike and go to work.  Yesterday I rode 6 hours when I had planned for just 4.  I was tired as hell from riding back into a brutally cold headwind but I rode to work, this was a start.

2.  do not be afraid to race tired. 

What better way to get faster?  This goes for within races too...  do not fear blowing up or losing.  This is in the mind but also in the preparation.  This means 14+ average hours a week on the bike from now until mid-april with equal or higher perceived intensity to last season.  Continuing to ride 10-14 hours per week while ramping up intensity throughout the spring.  Taking an appropriate rest during the hottest part of the year (NOT being tempted into showing up at 90+ degree time trials when they don't fit my needs).  Adventuring in late late summer in order to mentally refresh, enjoy riding and build base.  Doing the specific workouts for the upcoming events that I don't want to do and by mentally making them fun...  it's all a game.

3.  improve mountain bike and cx skills.

Should not have nerves about necessary skills related to either discipline.  Practice weaknesses- be automatic.  At times I've had a mind state or a zone within endurance riding...  I know I've done the preparation and things begin to feel like a recital.  May have grasped that once or twice late this fall in CX, better preparation will bring it more often.

4.  ride 200 miles at least one day and 100 at least 15 times

It does not matter on what surface.

5. cat 1/2/3 podiums on road

Plural.  I will be starting the year as a 3 and may stay there.  I do not want to give up my opportunity to race multiple races in a day.  Call me a sandbagger but my goal race will certainly 100% be shifting to the main event.  It was a 2012 goal to earn an upgrade to cat 2...  which I achieved based on points, but it was not a mandatory upgrade.  Too bad there aren't more "baby masters" (30+) races.

6.  mountain bike race at current ability level

Find the time to ride and race enough to do this for at least a 2-3 week stretch.  Means prioritizing mountain biking over other things immediately following the Almanzo recovery period.  This will pay off.

7.  Find and maintain peak CX form for 6-8 weeks

Each of the last two years I've been much faster starting in late November.  This means changing priorities throughout the fall...  very likely ONLY racing the Gravel Conspiracy and no other fall classic type events.  Sit at home and wait for results knowing why.

8.  Maintain weight loss and slow progress to goal weight

Wound up the 'offseason' 7 lbs heavier than my lowest point in the year.  I think that's very positive, but now is time to cycle back down and even lower this time without losing power.  Also, quit soda as per last post.

9.  Remember that none of these goals have anything to do with fatbike racing or time trials

Seriously, don't forget that.

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