singlespeed cx nationals

Called up around 30th out of about 65.  Haven't been racing for a while but felt rested and good.  Last race was on same course on snow and it went well.  Start was good and I was able to move up a bit on pavement.  Someone in front locked brakes up and there was some chain reactions and the surprising smell of burnt carbon like in a crit...  I tried to move right and hit some snow which led to a fishtail.  Someone hit my rear wheel (I'm sure from their perspective I cut them off-  for which I'm sorry) and I hit the deck.  I was immediately up and riding but by the time I got around the field I realized my bike was messed up.  Found myself about 40' past the pit exit looking at broken spokes.  Rode on and fell hard over the back side on some unexpected ice.  Continued to the pit and took my back-up bike which is on well used dry conditions tires.  Pedaled on from there (now in basically DFL) and tried to enjoy myself until I was pulled...  80% rule in effect.

Was a cool experience even though I totally failed.  Found the needed spokes and will glue up some brand new tires, try my best on Saturday.

Karma?  Seems I'm in a cycle of good/bad/good/bad, hope it's time for another good one.

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