Beautiful weather: Triple D and forward to next year

Feels weird to go immediately from CX racing into 'next' season of training, but if I'm honest I haven't ridden hard much for months.  The last two days of riding have also made it clear that I'm ready to start towards next year.  It had been a while since I would find myself really wanting to keep going after more than an hour or two.  It certainly doesn't hurt either that the weather has been incredible.  As much as I enjoy riding the fatbike I will always take dry, in this case frozen, roads and sunshine over a sloppy mess.  Sunday I went fat out to Pine Island on what was left of the snowmobile trail, since then I've been riding the drop bar 29er.  Been happy with the fit and function of both.

Triple D is this Sunday and it isn't likely to snow.  I'm OK with that.  I've a feeling that they will find a way to make it challenging and technical regardless, and I don't mind that prospect of some fast, flat, trail sections either.  I've felt better than expected when stretching out my recent rides, but have not put the kind of miles on in December and early January that I had last year.  Shorter won't hurt me.  Regardless, we booked hotels for two nights and I am really looking forward to seeing some friends and going out as well, Triple D is always a great time.

Here is a taste of what our countryside is looking like down here in Almanzo land right now.


  1. Are we going to try and run the tables in Dubuque for mental preparation this year?

  2. I'll be heading down in time for a short pre-ride...