no more soda: quitting

A friend once said (paraphrased)...

There are only so many cigarettes and so many drinks in a man's life.  When they are gone they are gone.  Some people spread them out over their entire lifetime and others use them up fast, only the individual knows when.  

I have had as many cans of soda as I need to have.  Need to make it stick.


  1. You can do it. I happened upon quitting on 1/2. It's been such a relief. Decades of liters worth a day. Feels so good.

  2. Here ye here ye... Sign up.

    Also got to bounce some rookie race organizer stuff off you.

    I'd do your deal, but racing gravel when singletrack is the game don't mix.

  3. I don't know what to expect... will I get headaches? Shakes? Cry? Not even totally sure why I'm done but I think the amount I don't want to quit is a pretty good reason alone.

    Got anymore big weekend days planned? I've got a destination down here ya'll might enjoy sometime.