Ever wonder what the inside of your carbon frame looks like? trek madone carbon construction

There you go.


  1. So why not just create your own CF molds?

  2. Honestly- what's the point? I'm not going to tear into those doing it, but I don't see a need for anything 'custom' when I'm riding on the repaired bikes I already am. I simply do not believe anyone custom building with carbon can get anywhere near the quality of bikes I ride.

    Also, in terms of return on the time invested it would be ridiculously worse than repairs while also losing the recycling angle on top of that!

  3. Right. The only time building frames(of any sort, carbon, steel, or otherwise) of your own ever makes sense is if you have a radically different design in mind from what is already available(say, recumbent or carbon 36er...) Or perhaps if you simply want the experience of building one yourself, or are striving after a starving artist lifestyle, or something.