untitled recon ride and stridering

Got out for about 4 hours today to check out some bits of the Untitled route that I was unsure of current conditions on.  With a couple more warm days in the forecast between now and the weekend I'm thinking it will be 98% rideable without studs but that studs would be recommended for the MMRs and a couple of the steeper hills.  

 This is by far the worst road we will see and is in no way representative of really anything else.

After getting all the way back into town I broke my chain turning left after waiting at a light...  then realized I had a 10 speed quick link and not the needed 9 speed AND that my multi-tool was broken.  I had to push/strider/walk home, fun!  I'll have a fresh new chain come tonight.

I'll probably on this bike at least 1 of the two days with 39x17 gearing.

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