winter riding in mn

Today I got out for four hours.  It is written down somewhere that I have 10-12 hours of planned riding time Tuesday-Thursday of this week.  I'm not sure what the actual temperature was but I know the winds were in the 30-35 mph range.  For the first time in over 24 months I covered my face while riding.

There were some times when it was really, really slow or icy or cold.  Overall though I was comfortable, got an appropriate workout in and enjoyed myself.

I rode:

trek 720 with 38x17 gearing and Nokian 240s

I wore:

walmart brand long underwear top and bottom
nike dri-fit running top
pearl izumi wool jersey (I wear one of these every day from October to May)
almanzo (champion systems) windbreaker
pearl izumi fleece lined tights
nike running pants
1 pair smartwool ski socks
lake winter boots with aerogel insoles (I'd use the lake ones if this pair had come with any)
nike ACG mittens with heat warmers
nike balaclava (thin/cheap)
swix xc ski hat
Lazer sunglasses

There is a road race 11 days from now that I'll be participating in.  Really wish I were also going to be able to make it to CIRREM this weekend.

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