anybody know how this thing works?

So, I got a few email complaints that you now had to click a disclaimer in order to enter my blog. Assumed it was because of the, not even at all naked, girl pushing the car... which was then removed. Now, a day later, the disclaimer still pops up?

I feel like I'm posting on RASC (where the Dickiescramble.blogspot.com address turned into thingyiescramble.blogspot.com and a link to nowhere). Was it that picture? Is the rest of my content to blame? what the heck is going on? Are the republicans in charge of congress so against bikes that they've decided to "pg13" any bike related content? Maybe it was all that talk about "hipsters" and "bike commuting".

I'm off to Ironwood for the weekend to relax at the rustic "Wolverine Village"- not a lot of internet for me until Monday.


  1. No warning page now. It was the liberals hating on you not being green.

  2. I still got it....but maybe it's me, no I'm a Conservative, my Brothers would have let me right in I'm sure.

  3. I got the message today, made me think to myself...hmmmm just what did Drew post today. Ha