valentines day

from the top of the G. Semlow Memorial Hill

Well, Valentines Day is here and it has gotten warm the last few days. We were able to get in a greatly successful Dickie Scramble Saturday before everything went to slush (write-up will be on the blog for the race soon). The warm weather and the hard effort Saturday meant that yesterday was bike work day once again. Got everything ready to go for spring, or at least ready to continue being useable in winter (the chain on the kona was REALLY rusty and REALLY REALLY "stretched").

Got up early today to get some riding in before Laura woke up. Seemed fitting to ride the pink bike on Valentines day. One repeat of the George Semlow Memorial Hill for each woman I've loved, or something close to that...

It was fun. Next is lunch and work.

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  1. Ha! I know that hill...and I too once saw the late great Semlow die a slow death at it's peak.