Dickie Scramble Prep.

No clue how big the turnout will be for this thing, but I'm trying to run it like I'd want it done if I were a participant.

That means a course that is tough, but friendly enough for mountain bike tires (hopefully without penalizing the stray pugsley) and enough organization on my part that no one notices my lack of organization. Sounds easy right?

I got out and scouted a bit yesterday and rode the first 2/3 of the course today. Todays conditions were awesome almost throughout the trail (I'll post a picture or two) I've made some changes that I think will be for the better based on conditions. Tomorrow I will ride this new modified course in it's entirety and see how it goes. I'll likely also start from home which will double the distance. I'd be surprised if I don't wind up in metric territory, and with a bunch of it on snow.

Friday I'll be pulling for cold overnight temperatures and a bit of a delay in this pending warm-up. I'll also be out with my lights double checking things and marking a couple of tricky spots on the course.

Hope people are ready for a TOUGH 28 or 30 miles.

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  1. Sounds like this is coming together nicely. See ya there!