trans upper peninsula bike tour route, June trip

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brief synopsis- a large chunk of my route for spring has been made for me. It's very close to my initial plans. Freaking awesome!

Gear has come together for this thing too. Only thing left really is to see how it goes trying to get it all on my bike. Then figure out what sort of cooking setup I may want to bring.

Unbelievably pumped for something so far out!


  1. Wow. That looks perfect for a Midwesterner. I had been planning on the GDR but this makes a lot more sense for my family and I. It would be a lot closer, the total time would be about half that of the GDR, I could drive to the start and return to my own car, etc. Water would be a non-issue, as there are rivers, streams, and lakes all over the place. I may just do that ride myself.

    Brian D.