Dickie Scramble

who: anyone

what: 25 mile ride from the Rochester trailhead of the Douglas Trail to Pine Island and back. Hot beverages, good cookies and hopefully some warmth will be available in Pine Island. The "full pull" will be out and back, but rides will be available from Pine Island back to Rochester for those who prefer that distance (this is meant to be fun).

where: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_trails/douglas/index.html This trail gets a lot of use and should be rideable for anyone on a mountain bike although Pugsleys are more than welcome. We will stay off the snowmobile only parts of the trail and yield to snowmobiles and all other traffic throughout.

why: I enjoy riding the trail and think this will be fun. I would also like to raise awareness for my wonderful girlfriend's Southern Minnesota Rescued Animal Coalition. I will ask her to write up a bit more about this, but here is some basic information-- http://www.kttc.com/Global/link.asp?L=462903 We will accept donations with every cent going directly to the coalition efforts. Anything will be helpful, send on what you are comfortable with, a paypal link will be proved ASAP.

when: February 12th. Start at 10am.

registration: email speshysilence@gmail.com if you want in. I'm not expecting a huge turnout for this inaugural race so it will really help me out if you RSVP as early as possible so far as planning goes. I've got a few volunteers lined up and want to make sure I keep our efforts in line with the numbers. Of course, if you don't RSVP I'll still be more than happy to see you on the 5th. I'd rather not ride alone (even if I've convinced Laura to sit in Pine Island with Hot Chocolate and Cookies for me).

classes: I don't care how you get from place to place... heck, RUN or snowshoe if you want to. That said, I anticipate giving prizes to an open winner, a singlespeed winner, hopefully a women's winner, DFL, and the finisher who rides the narrowest tires.

after party: First stop will be Buffalo Wild Wings. I expect that most people will be done some time between 12:30 and 2. So, we will likely be at B-dubs around 2. Some of us will continue on riding from there and we will likely hit up a few other Rochester area establishments. All are welcome.

more info and some tips/tricks



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