another weekend gone- driving, racing, driving and trailwork

Iowa Spring Classic beat me down again-  this time with an untimely flat after things were looking good in the early going.  All the driving is certainly not that awesome if you're only going to race for about an hr!

Did get out of Iowa a bit faster than planned (despite a speeding ticket- weird how in Iowa you go in the cop car to get one) and that allowed me to stop at Milltown on my way home to drop off the hubs for my fatbike and zipp 303 wheelsets plus a random 5-bolt disc/tubular set up that's a longer term project.

Celebrated St. Patrick's with overpriced pizza and green beer at Broadway Pizza.  Can not recommend Broadway Pizza in any way.

Today was trailwork and ride day for me.  Away from my house for about 9 hours with roughly 5 of those being on the bike.  Really excited about this early start on mountain biking with this crazy weather.  Lots of trail left to rake and a few major trees to saw but it's overall looking great.  Rode the Caffeine again today because I knew there would be lots of sticks on the ground and didn't want to risk ripping the derailleur off the Flash.  That said-  I spent about 3 hours riding gravel and with the 20-30 mph winds the SS thing wasn't all that cool today.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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