fatbike update etc.

Honestly, not much to see yet...  but it's actually a whole lot closer to done!

Thanks to Milltown, the Ronald, my random parts bin and the world wide web of ebay I've also acquired all the parts I'll need to build it.  Well, I don't actually have my wheels/tires or BB yet.  I think I've put together some very high end parts that will also look good together on the bike.  Drivetrain is, of course, shimano with XTR bits and DA equipped Paul's thumbies plus a race face ISIS crank in silver (to match the seat clamp, cane creek headset etc.), cockpit is Ritchey WCS plus a WTB Devo.  Wheels are still a bit of a secret, but I'll admit Ben is using regular, black Rolling Darryls, some silver hubs and silver spokes.

In other news-  I took Thursday off so that I can go for a nice long ride with Bob Gritman in the AM and then another nice long ride by myself in the afternoon.  Got the itch after reading about other's long rides the last couple weeks.

More to come.

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