Rode a lot, fat bike progress, etc. Tommaso Diavolo derailleur hangers

Ready for final detail work/paint-

Decided to do a fork as well-  the lowers are the regular 26" version of the White Brothers carbon fork, steerer from my Look HSC5, rest is custom.  Can't appreciate the paint scheme yet but it's in progress.

Dennis Grelk hooked me up with derailleur hangers for my Tommaso Diavolo (no one seems to manufacture them!).  He did incredible work-  they fit perfectly.  Get in touch with me if you might need one in the future.

I also spent just over one full day out of the last 7 riding my bike.  I don't know the exact mileage or time, but I'm sure this has been the most time I've spent in one week on my bike since I rode 32 hrs the week I was up in Michigan last June.  This wasn't a super high "impact" week though either, really spent a lot of time riding peacefully and just enjoying the weather.

Jeremy and James riding away on the way to the Salem Glen Winery

At the winery-  no good spot to take a photo from, stupid cars.

Back at the Huddle once again in Elgin

"Table"= Bikers

This great road parellels the state trail making it useless


  1. I need on of those derailleur hangers. Can you hook me up?

  2. rideonpurpose at google webmail service thing