Carbon Fat Pugnago fatbike

I put pictures elsewhere-  it's out of the bag... may as well put them here.

I started on it in earnest Monday, great progress so far but honestly has a TON of work left to get the cosmetics right and finish off some structural bits.

Have to thank Ben Witt and Milltown, Josh Kruck, Ron Moffit, Eric Peterson and the guys at Express Composites (who have been helping me with various crazy projects for over 10 years now) all of whom provided important insight or inspiration.


 The bottom bracket area is not yet done.  The stays are partially carbon.  The red paint is or isn't going to stick around.
 My favorite part of this...

I have since done another lay-up over all the important bits-  should really start coming together tomorrow if I have time to work or certainly by the end of the weekend.

I have all the parts for the build other than the wheels at this point and the wheels are in the works courtesy of Milltown (more to come on the wheels).

The frame weighs 2189g as shown, the mukluk fork is 1050.  I am assuming the final weight will be in the 2240-2250 range (I have very little material left to add).  My intention wasn't so much to make an uber-light fat bike as it was to make a fat bike from broken parts (all 3 frames used were destroyed previously), show what I can do carbon repair wise and have something fun.  It will also be nice to have a fat bike with the exact dimensions/angles that I wanted.  This is an 18" Pugsley with a significantly longer top tube and ???? head tube angle (more on that later).  I've had a great time working on it and can't wait to ride!

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